bravery is important

American quoter Franklin Jones once said, “Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid. Everyone does not have bravery. Bravery is an important part of your life so you can overcome your fears, and so you can reach your goals.
Without bravery you cannot overcome your fears. For example, if you go in the army, you would not be daring enough to do anything in the army and you would not be willing to risk your life. Without bravery we would not have an army or a strong government and if somebody attacks then we would not be brave enough to attack back.
Without bravery you cannot reach your goals. For instance, if you get a college degree, and you are going to a big college you would be so nervous and scared that you would not want to go. Without bravery you might not want to go to college because you’re so scared, and when you get a job you might end up working at a place that you do not earn much money. That is why you need bravery to have success in the future.
You can reach your goals, and overcome your fears if you have heroism. “bravery is being the only who knows you’re afraid” said Franklin Jones. Be brave.

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