American Revolution: Valley forge

IMG_0240   on december 19 1777 when washington porrley fed,ill-equipped army, wearly from long marches,staggerd into valley forge,winds blew as the 12,000 continentals prepared for winters fury.only about one in three in them had shoes,and many of their feet had left bloody fottprints from the marching grounds for brigade encamampets were selected and defense lines were planned and begun.the properly constructed hut,which reqwired 80 logs,and whose timber had to be collected from miles away,went up in one week with the use of only one axe.these huts provided sufficent protection from the moderately cold,but mainly wet and damp conditions of a tuoical pennsylvania winter of 1777-1778.

American flag

I think that Betsy Ross made the flag because in plays it says that she made the flag and on the web  it says I think she did its between 2 people but I think she did because says nothing about other person

Patriot poem

After the fall of Charlesten (1780) he ecscaped Carolina


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Thomas Sumter

british bured house.            Genarel of the American Revolution.image